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Improvement Proposal Adventure centre
By: Senior Administrator [name]

It appears that people are unaware of our presence. To solve this, we need to have a wider array of ways to attract the public. We also need to draw the larger groups such as school classes or sports teams. Personal Promotion

We are often told by our customers, how great they think the centre is for doing adventure activities. However, very few know about us, despite those comments. A solution could be to organize open days regularly and send invitations to journalists so they can promote the centre in public media. Online attention

Sometimes we were asked for our website, yet we do not have one. A website is much easier for people these days, because it allows them to book our experiences online without having to leave home. Online bookings are also much easier to register for us. Another suggestion is entering social media. They are on the rise especially among teenagers and adolescents and they are our primary target groups. This way we can encourage them to join our activities and our customers can also encourage their friends to do so. The development of a sophisticated website and social media page is therefore an absolute must.

Special offers

As you know ‘discount’ is a magic word, which could attract large quantities of people. Thus considerable group discount could be very effective in order to attract larger groups. Those groups could spread the word about our centre, drawing more clients exponentially.


The problems are being insufficiently known and not being attractive to large groups. In order to tackle the problems listed above I advise the management to implement my three recommendations; being open days, the development of pages on the world wide web and an attractive group discount.
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