Project on Solar Energy

Topics: Natural gas, Solar cell, Electricity generation Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: March 7, 2013

Engineering Economics Management

Project Proposal On :
“ Making solar power efficient & economically cheaper for Bangladesh ”

Group Members: 
* Afif Murad Bin Doza – 0910793043
* Yasin Hasan -0910918043

We have gathered information from people with knowledge on the subject and via internet. A few portion of the project is given to deliberate you an idea about what we are going to work on. Abstract: 

Bangladesh's energy infrastructure is quite small, insufficient and poorly managed. The per capita energy consumption in Bangladesh is one of the lowest (136 kWH) in the world. Noncommercial energy sources, such as wood, animal wastes, and crop residues, are estimated to account for over half of the country's energy consumption. Bangladesh has small reserves of oil and coal, but very large natural gas resources. Commercial energy consumption is mostly natural gas (around 66%), followed by oil, hydropower and coal. Electricity is the major source of power for country's most of the economic activities. Bangladesh's installed electric generation capacity was 4.7 GW in 2009; only three-fourth of which is considered to be ‘available’. Only 40% of the population has access to electricity with a per capita availability of 136 kWh per annum. Problems in the Bangladesh's electric power sector include corruption in administration, high system losses, delays in completion of new plants, low plant efficiencies, erratic power supply, electricity theft, blackouts, and shortages of funds for power plant maintenance. Overall, the country's generation plants have been unable to meet system demand over the past decade. Our goals:

* To make the high costly solar energy distribution system economically efficient for the poor countries like ours (especially on rural areas). * We have focused on minimizing heavy power consumptions like traffic lights, billboards by using solar power system. * Also we tried to reduce the solar panel...
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