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Topics: Photovoltaics, Renewable energy, Solar thermal energy Pages: 5 (1224 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Case Study: Civic Centre 3 Case Study Energy from the Sun and the Wind

PROJECT SUMMARY This case study provides an overview of a project which installed solar photovoltaic panels, solar energy collectors and two 6kW wind turbines onto the roof of Civic Centre 3, a Council office building in Huddersfield town centre. Civic Centre 3 is in a busy area of Huddersfield town centre and is nearby a ring road, a shopping area and public buildings. Each week more than 1,350 people visit the building, including planning and architectural professionals, council officials and the general public. This project is intended to be a clear corporate statement by Kirklees Council showing how it is taking action to address climate change. Providing all the power needs for Civic Centre 3 creates 330 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year – the renewable energy installations will save around 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

The project was part of a Europeanfunded project called ‘ZEN’ (Zero Emissions Neighbourhoods), with partners in the UK (Kirklees, Sutton and Southwark), Italy and Greece. PROJECT AIMS The project aimed to: • Raise awareness of climate change and renewable energy technology within the Kirklees community and beyond. • Supply the building with power from renewable energy sources and contribute to renewable energy targets, currently EU target is 20% by 2020. • Increase capacity in the Council and the Kirklees district to deliver large scale renewable energy initiatives and show the Council’s leadership role with regard to tackling climate change. • Make a significant reduction in climate change emissions (around 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year).

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• Reduce the consumption of electricity from the grid and promote more efficient use of energy in the building. The solar and wind installations will provide around 5% of electricity needs and 50-60% of the building’s hot water needs. • Act as a demonstration of the combination and variety of renewable energy technologies which can be employed in one building. FINANCE This project has brought a significant amount of money (more than £80,000) into the Kirklees community, from the European Commission and UK Government ClearSkies programme. The funding breakdown is as follows: COSTS Solar PV 68 15 15 Solar Thermal 27 13 40 Wind 53 21 13 14 5,600 101

Two 6kW wind turbines installed in May 2006

Solar thermal system

BUILDING TYPE Civic Centre 3 is a three storey municipal 2 office building (5,433m floor area) constructed in 1976. The Centre’s main fuel sources are gas which is utilised for space heating and electricity for lighting, IT equipment and heating and ventilation plant. There are around 420 occupants, who use the building around 249 hours per month. Annual energy demand Civic Centre 3 building (based on the 07/08 annual energy report): Electricity 456,775 kWh Gas 473,171 kWh Water 2,376 M³ 239 t/CO2 89.9 t/CO2 6.2 t/CO2

Equipment Installation Project Management Other – Part L roofing works £/kW 8,500 Total cost 98 (£,000s) FUNDING SOURCES EU ZEN 35 programme Yorkshire Forward/DTI ClearSkies Programme KMC 63 Renewable Energy Fund





RENEWABLE ENERGY INSTALLED • • 48m2 solar thermal systems installed in February 2005 17.6kWp Solar PV installed in February 2005

Several energy efficiency measures have been installed including automatic lighting controls to offices, kitchen areas & meeting rooms. These measures were funded through the Council’s CWI (Energy & Water Conservation) Fund. A programme of further energy efficiency works is planned for 2009, this will include works to windows, lighting, heating and roof insulation. Implementation of these works could

G:\Common\Communications\COMMS_Casestudies\COMMS_Renewable Case Studies\2009 Revised Case Studies\2009 - Civic Centre 3 Case...
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