The Barclays Center

Topics: Atlantic Yards, New York City, New Jersey Nets Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Barclays center
11 April 2013
The Barclays center had many setbacks when planning to build. These setbacks were due to lawsuits, collapse of the real estate market, some of the landowners refused to sell their land due to personal reasons, and worst of all eminent domain. The site that the Barclays center would be in place of is called Atlantic Yards. This area is where many trains and subways travel through to get to different parts of the huge city, and also where they are cleaned between the busy times of the day. The Court of appeals ruled in a 6 to 1 favor that the state of New York could take over the businesses, homes and a majority of property in the 22 acre area the Barclays center was proposed to be built in 2009. The eminent domain was under suit actions due to the private developer of the proposed arena, Bruce C. Ratner, was thought of to be improper and unconstitutional. After this lawsuit was approved through the court of appeals, Ratner began to sell tax bonds to help finance his pride and joy, the 18,000 seat arena for the now Brooklyn Nets, previously known as the New Jersey Nets. From the side of the group fighting this arena, “Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn”, Daniel Goldstein, a spokesman was quoted, “The fight against the Atlantic Yards project is far from over”. The minute this was approved, The Barclays Center became a huge stand out project that was actually being built, in a tough time where over 530 different projects cannot be built due to financial reasons. Bruce is taking responsibility for taking all of these homes from the families of Brooklyn by building as many as 16 high rise buildings, with as much as 6,430 apartments throughout them all. Also, Bruce built a 50 million dollar temporary railroad slightly east of the current Atlantic Yards and turned control over to the Long Island Rail Road, while construction is being done on the current 22 acre spot.
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