Project Greenwich

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Retailing Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Project Greenwich

This project is new and refreshing for me in a way because as visual merchandising student, my project had always been about going to boutiques and clothing retails to check out the Visual Merchandising. However, as the lessons I learnt from the modules, I realized that Visual Merchandising is more than window display from boutiques, but it applies to all the shops, be it Food and Beverages or fashion. Therefore, this project is a really good opportunity for us to apply from what we learnt. Basically, Food and Beverages covers the majority of the mall. Our group covers Coffee Bean, Chinta Manis and Prima Deli. We have to observe the furnishing, the product placement, the customer service, marketing strategy, effectiveness of the shop’s merchandising and many more.

Each shop have it’s own Unique Selling Point, their strengths, the way they portray and promotion methods. And of course, they also have their weakness and points that could be further improve. Therefore, we must digest all this and step in to be their silent salesperson, brand their image and or course, promote sales in every single way. From this project, I experienced and had understood the mission of a Visual Merchandising student, as we have to be sharp, quick and alert. Every single detail is bonus to us. And all these details, be it big or small, it can make a huge difference to the way we merchandise and sell our product.

Above all, Visual merchandising is the whole package, from observing, interpreting, marketing, conceptualize, understanding customer flow and behavior, implementation and most importantly taking feedbacks so that we can improve and work better next time. The lessons we learnt are all related to each other, so it is easy for us to thing and process. Even though it is hard to understand at sometimes, it is just the beginning. I am sure it will be better and easier for me to catch up after we learnt the basics and experience along the way....
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