Project Change Management - Ptcl

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Group Members
* Rizwan Ahmed
* Asad Hussain
* Jawad Arshad
* Saad Khalid
* Syed Zeeshan Haider Naqvi
Group Members
* Rizwan Ahmed
* Asad Hussain
* Jawad Arshad
* Saad Khalid
* Syed Zeeshan Haider Naqvi
Change Management - PTCL
Change Management - PTCL

Table of Contents
PTCL Journey3
Need for Change4
Environmental Scan5
Pest Analysis5
SWOT Analysis6
Problem Statement8
Strategy Formulation9
Strategy Implementation10
Strategy Evaluation14
Critical Analysis15
7S Framework17
The Seven Elements:18
Snyders’s Diagnostic Model19

PTCL Journey

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a mega corporation and a leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan. The corporation provides and enforces policies for the telephonic services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication corporations, including Telenor Corps and China Mobile Ltd. The corporation managed and operates around 2000 telephone exchanges across the country, providing the largest fixed line network. Data and backbone services such as GSM, CDMA, Broadband Internet and IPTV are an increasing part of its business. In 1947 it started as POST and Telegraph department. Later in 1962 it was separated from POST department and telecom services were added. It was renamed to Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone department. In 1996 PTCL was formed and the company was listed in Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. PTCL formed its subsidiaries for mobile and Internet in 1998 and after the Telecom policy was formalized in 2000 Ufone and Pakent were launched in 2001. In 2005 26% shares were sold to Etisalat though open bidding and Etisalat received management control of the company. In 2008 PTCL launched Smart TV service and in the next year they launched EVO wireless Internet. Now in 2012 PTCL has over 1 million Internet subscribers in Pakistan. Originally one of the state-owned corporations (SOEs), the shareholding of the PTCL has been reduced to 62%, when 26% of shares and control was sold to Etisalat Telecommunications and the remaining 12% to the general public in 2006 under an intensified privatization program. However, the 62% shares are still remains under the management of government-ownership of state-owned corporations (SOEs) of Pakistan.

Need for Change

The merger of Etisilat and PTCL gave rise to several issues which are as follows: * Customer centricity
* Escalating Issues
* Declining Customer Base
* High net churn
* Friction with management
* No JDs
* No documentation
* Us vs. them
* Unionism
* Increased Competition
These issues must be addressed in order to have a sustainable competitive advantage. Vision

To be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value'. Mission
To achieve the vision by having:
* An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality * An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious * Services that are based on the most optimum technology

* "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service
* Sustained growth in earnings and profitability
Core Values
Core values of PTCL are:
* Professional Integrity
* Customer Satisfaction
* Teamwork
* Company Loyalty
Environmental Scan

There is a need to do the environmental scan to analyze the gap and formulating a strategy. External scan will be performed with the help of PEST and internal scan will be performed with the help of SWOT analysis. Pest Analysis

A PEST analysis is an analysis of the external macro-environment that affects all firms. P.E.S.T. is an abbreviation for the Political, Economic, Social, and...
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