Project Management

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 Which of the following is not an element of strategic management? Answer
| a.| formulating cross-functional decisions|
| b.| implementing cross-functional decisions|
| c.| evaluating cross-functional decisions|
| d.| eliminating cross-functional decisions|
 Which statement about organization for project management is best? Answer
| a.| The overall structure of the organization specifies how project team members should communicate with the project manager.| | b.| The internal project team structure specifies the arrangement of all units or interest groups participating in the development of the project.| | c.| Two distinct organizational structures operate simultaneously within the project management context; the organizational structure and the project team structure.| | d.| All of these statements are correct.|

Which of these is not characteristic of a project?
| a.| Projects are responsible for the newest and most improved products, services, and organizational processes.| | b.| Projects are ad hoc endeavors with a clear life cycle.| | c.| Projects provide a philosophy and strategy for the management of change.| | d.| Traditional process management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling do not apply to project management.| Which of the following is not an element of organizational structure? Answer

| a.| well-articulated mission, vision, and value statements| | b.| formal reporting relationships|
| c.| grouping together of individuals into departments| | d.| systems design to ensure effective communication|
The technical side of project management emphasizes:
| a.| team building.|
| b.| conflict management.|
| c.| negotiation.|
| d.| budgeting.|
Studies of IT projects reveal that:
| a.| initial cost estimates are overrun by an average of 15%.| | b.| over 66% of IT projects were delivered to customers but not used.| | c.| about 25% of all IT projects become runaways by overshooting budgets and timetables.| | d.| up to 75% of software projects are cancelled.|

External stakeholders that are external to a project but possess the power to effectively disrupt the project's development are: Answer
| a.| intervenor groups.|
| b.| environmental groups.|
| c.| stressor groups.|
| d.| special-interest groups.|
There is no such thing as a project team:
| a.| with a deliverable.|
| b.| with an ongoing, nonspecific purpose.|
| c.| with a goal.|
| d.| with a project manager.|
The highest priority among strategic choice elements is:
| a.| objective.|
| b.| strategy.|
| c.| mission.|
| d.| goal.|
 Which of the following types of activities is more closely associated with projects rather than processes? Answer
| a.| an activity that is ongoing|
| b.| an activity that is day-to-day|
| c.| an activity that uses existing systems|
| d.| an activity that establishes its own work rules|

What roles do traditional process management duties of planning, organizing, and controlling play in project management, if any? Answer

What are the elements of organizational structure? (Write)

Organizational structure consists of three key elements. It designates formal reporting relationships, including the number of levels in the hierarchy and the span of control of managers and supervisors. Organization structure identifies the grouping together of individuals into departments and departments into the total organization. Organization structure includes the design of systems to ensure effective communication, coordination, and integration of effort across departments.

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