Progressive Insurance Company

Topics: Insurance, Damage waiver, Customer service Pages: 5 (1453 words) Published: November 19, 2012
1.1 Progressive Insurance Company offers its services to over 10 million people, making it one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S.A. There are various initiatives devised by Progressive to improve service quality under the five dimensions of service quality which are following. Reliability:

a. Progressive offers a high-tech method for calculating auto insurance premiums on a pay-as-you-go basis to perform the promised, customized and differentiated services. b. Progressive group introduced Comparison Quotes: 1-800-AUTO-PRO, a technologically advanced auto insurance rate comparison-shopping service. c. A major innovation is Progressive’s implementation of fast service. With immediate response, Progressive could do their things better and reduce cost in business.

a. Progressive’s auto insurance policy is loaded with special features such as local response claims service, 24/7 live support and concierge level of claims service, without any additional fees. b. Progressive furnishes attractive discounts to their customers. These discounts can largely benefit people, who are good students, mature drivers or have a good driving record. c. Progressive’s innovative Gold Card could be broken in half, facilitating the exchange of information between drivers after an accident.

Progressive group offers auto insurance to all types of drivers. It respected for the customers and had effective communication with customers. Customers choose Progressive automobile insurance for its extensive coverage options, competitive rates and specialized claims service.

a. Since its inception, Progressive has followed an innovative approach to auto insurance. For customers who were unable to pay one annual payment, it allowed them to pay their premiums in monthly installments. b. Drivers who signed up for Autograph were offered an additional set of services that were unrelated to insurance. These service features, which included theft recovery, remote door unlocking, travel directions, low-battery detection, and emergency assistance help, were caring and sympathy to customers.

a. Progressive owned 350 local claims offices, which shared the information on the accident and customer through a centralized database, and 1400 IRV used for immediate response service. b. Progressive used Immediate Response Vehicles which were Ford vans outfitted with a desk, file cabinet, drapes, cell phones, generator, computer and printer, chairs, fax machine, and small refrigerator. The white vans, with the Progressive name emblazoned in blue, are tangible evidence of the care and service exhibited by Progressive. c. In the Houston office, a team consisted of ten persons with five in the field doing Immediate Response and five in the office answering phones , dispatching agents, and processing long-term claims.

1.2 There exist two initiatives which either address the service dimensions not tackled by Progressive or may further enhance the initiatives they have devised. a. Progressive could set up a department of service quality which is responsible for supervising the process of offering services, collecting the complaints of customers, and improving products and services from high quality perspective. b. Progressive could attach more importance on human resource management through a comprehensive set of training, evaluation and incentive mechanism. Therefore, it is significant that stimulating claim representatives to work actively and newer reps to grow faster.

1.3 a. Autograph relied on GPS satellites, mapping technology, and internal computers to determine when and how much a vehicle was driven. This information was uploaded monthly to Progressive’s database. b. Progressive’s ability to segment depended upon its sophisticated underwriting software, which allowed agents to set rates at finer levels than its competition. c. Advances in technology, particularly wireless technology and...
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