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Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Claims adjuster Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Zhenghao Yu
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Management Information System
September 11th, 2012
1. What is Progressive’s business (i.e., how do they make money, what products/services do they provide)? [put in list form] * “Immediate response vehicles” (IRV)-related business. * It tried to pay for the claims as quickly as they can-by getting claims adjusters out of office and interact with clients. * It tried to improve customer’s retention at the expense of interest revenue. * Well-integrated information system can increase efficiency and effectiveness of handling claims, also, at a low cost.

2. What internal capabilities/competencies are critical to the success of the business? [put in list form] * IRV are equipped with enough communication tools—laptops, printers, cell phones, thus allowing adjusters to settle claims at the scene of accident. * A wireless laptop can access to mainframe computer, also allow the agents to use fax machine around the country. * Dispatchers monitor agents’ location, sending the closest adjuster to investigate a scene, which is efficient. * Agents use digital camera to snap pictures needed, which could also be stored or uploaded to the mainframe computer, getting enough evidences.

3. How does Progressive’s use of IT hardware contribute to these capabilities/competencies? [put in table form] Use of IT Hardware| The contribution of Computer Hardware to these capabilities/competencies| Wireless Laptops| Few barriers to interact with the mainframe computer, which saves money and cost. Besides, laptops allow agents to use the fax machine and printers.| Mainframe| Keep track with agents’ case.|

Dispatcher| Effective to dispatch agents, efficient.|
Computer Network| It linked laptops with mainframe. More convenient for agents to transport or obtain information from the mainframe.| Digital Camera| Grab clues for the claims. Know the accident prone areas, effective in getting cases...
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