Progression of Technology

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DaPre Henderson
Progression of Technology
There is much advancement we have come up with in technology. Most of the things we have come up with are how to make our old things better and newer then they were before. Ways to show how the 21st century is better than the last centuries. It always starts out as a single idea but once it’s made there is always someone who will try and make it better than how it started. Cellphones, cars, and laptops are many of the new advancements we have made better now than they were when we first came up with those ideas.

Remember a long time ago where a cell phone was a huge brick with an antenna and where you could only be in certain areas to get a signal? Ever since that phone was invented we have come up with ways to make it better, starting with the size. Now it is much smaller and can fit in your pocket. You don’t have to worry about reaching a signal anymore because now we invented things like Wi-Fi which is wireless internet connections. We also invented many new ways to communicate to each other through cell phones starting with sms or also known as texting. Texting is where a keyboard is on your phone to type a quick little message instead of having a long conversation on the phone. When you get bored from sitting, we have programmed games on our phone so you can have fun as the time passes by.

Cellphones are not the only things that have improved from the past. Computers have changed and have been getting faster as time goes on. Computers started out as something you can only have in one area and it stays there to where now you can go places and carry your computer also known as laptops. Laptops have made things better so that it’s possible to store information not only in a house or at work but now you can store it in one place and move to another and do the same when times comes for you to can give a presentation by using the stored documents you saved on the computer. Laptops have been replacing computers...
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