How Technology Has Changed Through the Years

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How has technology changed through time?
Technology has changed dramatically though time, for the better, and for the worst. When the first phone was made, it wasn't made for moving around. But then as the phone evolved, it was made about the size of a brick, but it was portable. Then it kept getting smaller and smaller. Now it has gotten bigger, but thinner. One drop and the whole phone could smash. I don’t know why people would want a phone like that? Computers have also changed a lot. Like the mobile, they were first made not to move. Now there are laptop and Mac books that are as thin as air and very easy to break. It seems that the newer things get, the easier they are to break. I don’t know what’s going through the supplier’s heads, but it’s just not worth it. I would rather have a thick laptop or computer that works fine then to have a fancy, expensive laptop that’s going to break if I drop it, same with a mobile phone. Newer things are getting more expensive and more breakable; it’s pointless in investing in them. These days, ten years olds are complaining that they didn’t get the black iPhone 4s, but when I was ten I complained that my crayon box didn’t have a green crayon. Time has changed so much, that parents are beginning to be scared of their children, because they’re having tantrums for not getting the newest technology. So, really – technology has taken a turn for the worst.
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