Profile of a Person

Topics: High school, City, Nashville, Tennessee Pages: 4 (1648 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Raphael Colmanette 1
Dr.McDonough 10/16
First Year Writing

Clash Of Cultures

There are a lot of people around Belmont University with different concepts, different goals, different experiences, different cultures, but most important, different methods of thinking. When I realized that I would need to write a profile of someone else, I thought it would be the easiest essay that I have ever done. Contrary to my expectations, I realized that to write someone else's profile is kind of hard, because it is not only a simple thing such as just write the entire life of the person. A lot of stuff is behind the profile of a person. When I first thought about who I should interview, I was kind of lost, because I do not know a lot of people inside Belmont yet, so I had the idea to interview one of my teammates from the soccer team. After thinking about it, I realized that interviewing one of my teammates would not be a very good idea, first because the majority or all of them have the same interests as mine, and are experiencing almost the same things as myself, and second because the thing that we most like in our lives is soccer, so it would be kind of boring to write about a person that looks like me in a lot of things. After a few days thinking about who I should interview, I came to the conclusion that it would be good to write about a musician from here. There are several reasons why I chose a musician to write about. First of all, because they all like a stuff that I have never tried before, and they kind of live for that. Second, because they have a lot of different interests than I have, and also probably different cultures. Last but not least, musicians have always make me feel curious about themselves, so I really enjoyed the idea of interviewing a musician. There is a guy from my hall that I have realized is a lot different than all the others students that I can see in patton hall. The interesting thing about him is that he always look so peaceful,...
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