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Development Proposal for IPhone Eco

In this assignment I had to choose an idea or innovation and develop a product development plan for the chosen product that can be launched into the market. The product I have chosen to innovate is a wireless solar mobile phone charger. Currently in the market there are few other products which use solar energy to charge but they are not wireless. My idea is to improve the charging option for IPhone. Instead of having the phone case they will have an in-built solar charger as their case which will changer the battery not only using just solar energy but also using any kind of light source. For my product I will be producing a product development plan. There are 7 phases to the product development I will be going through each phases of the development and the Ulrich Eppinger product design and development plan. I will also look at Micro and Macro Environment for IPhone Eco. Design & Prototype:

In the design and prototype stage the product will be designed to fit as part of the phone. For example if Fig: 1 shows the current IPhone without solar charger, Fig: 2 show how it will look with an in-build solar charger for IPhone

Fig: 1Fig: 2
Source: Apple Source: Amazon
The product will have to be some features that are same as earlier version of the IPhones. Except from few features the product will redesigned from previous IPhones. IPhone Eco will be slimmer, light with new battery which has extended life and which works with solar energy. It would also have better processing system A7 which is faster and more reliable that current A6 version and it also consumes less energy from the battery and all the components will be well insulated. A new effective, light, slim solar back for the phone will be designed. Materials will be researched for the eco phone with all the features such as light weight material, effective battery etc. Prototype of the IPhone Eco will be produced with integrated high efficiency photo voltaic cells into the back of the phone. This will attract he energy of the sun/light form and turn them into the useful energy to charge the phone. 500 prototypes will be manufactured for 500 employees for quality and testing purpose. This will allows employees feedback about the product such as problems with features, software buys etc which help make the product better and attractive to the customers once it’s available in the market. If any problems are found on the testing the product will go back to design stage and will be redesigned to acceptable to the market. Processes

Fig: 3
Source: Sciencedirect

Fig: 3 shows the product design and development stages. The first stage is planning the...
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