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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Patrick Zimmerman , IBMS1.m
Product Description
Product: JO-LA, natural aroma/essence

JO-LA’s essences are for making very tasty beverages with your taste of choice or just give a great taste to your pie, cake or jelly. Perfect for the kitchen savvy men and/or women among us. The unique natural aroma makes you want to use JO-LA over and over again, making your very own syrup(beverage), cake or pie. Use one of our unique natural aroma’s to sweeten your lovely handmade desserts. Want to surprise your kid/husband/wife/friend(s)/ with a sweet surprise? JO-LA aroma’s/essences are perfect for you. Ingredients; Plant extracts, water, identical natural flavoring(taste of your choice), color for edibles Options with JO-LA

Give different tastes to cakes or pies(as well as color);
Mix your JO-LA essence with the dough you are using for the cake or pie.

Making syrup(beverages);
To make these tasty beverages you are to use different ingredients; 1. Your taste preference of JO-LA essence
2. Water
3. Sugar
4. Citric acid
Put all these ingredients in a small pot and let it boil. Now you have your very own tasty syrup! Do not forget to let it cool down. Taste recommendations for syrup;
Cola Champagne(in the picture above) You will become addicted in a good way! Pineapple

Additional information for buying JO-LA
Gedempte Gracht 405
2512AM Den Haag (in Markthof)

JO-LA is produced in Malaysia
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