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Topics: Rain, Green, Addition Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 21, 2013
As I sat on my steps in the front of my house, I could not help but notice how much it had felt like fall. You could smell the rain from the day before from Hurricane Isaac that had finally stopped after raining for a whole day straight. In addition, you could see the leafs changing to its beautiful red, orange and yellow colors and falling off the trees which of course were mostly landing on my car. While I was sitting there in the perfectly shaded area, I was reminded of how much fun being a kid when I saw a few kids chasing each other on their bikes. In addition, while sitting there I could hear many different things that were also going on. I could hear the sound of a hammer from my neighbors working hard, as they continued putting yellow siding up on their house. I could also hear dogs barking along with the sound of my other neighbor across the street mowing their lawn, which was green and brown from the hot summer we had. Along with all of that, at the end of my street I could see a loving mother comforting her child that was crying because he fell. As I sat on my steps in front of my house, I could not help but feel somewhat depressed that fall was is here and my summer was over. It felt like fall because the weird smell of rain was in the air and I noticed the leafs were changing colors and dying and falling off the trees. Most of them were landing on my car, which I now have to wash. While I sat there on the cold cement, I was reminded of how much I missed being a kid as I saw some kids passing by chasing each other on their bikes. I could hear many noises that were going on around me. I could hear the loud banging of a hammer from my neighbors putting up their siding on their house. I also heard the annoying sound of dogs barking along with the loud noise from my other neighbor who was mowing his half-dead lawn that was partly dead from the high temperatures and lack of rain that we did not get during the summer. Along with all of those noises, I could...
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