Problems on the Supermarket Area

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One of the main reasons research into customer complaints is important is because of competition (Van Horne & Wachowicz, 2000). All Hypermarkets become highly competitive in terms of winning the customers. Hypermarkets which do not get feedback from their customers about their service run the risk of losing them. In addition, if the Hypermarket does not look into this area seriously, the Hypermarket will not have the knowledge to make the necessary changes to their service. To maintain the good reputation for the Hypermarket and the deals between the supplier and the Hypermarket, there is a need to investigate and solve the issue of peculiar taste in frozen lambs sold in the Hypermarket in order to prevent such situation from happening again. Hence, this report will firstly describe the issue that occurs in the Hypermarket, which is the frozen lamb produce peculiar taste after cooking. Then, the report will discuss four possible problems that lead to the situation which are failure to follow the criteria given for every product delivered, low quality product, improper checking when receiving the product and poor management of the stock storage. Besides discussing about the possible problems this report also will provide three solutions and recommendations to prevent this situation from occuring again which are discussion, send staffs for training and courses in handling the stock and service the stock storage.


In the third week of September, 2011, the Hypermarket has received more than five customers’ complaints regarding the frozen lamb sold in the Hypermarket. Most of the frozen lamb produced peculiar taste after being cooked. As a result, the customers who bought the frozen lamb and ate them complained that they suffered stomach ache and diarrhea. Looking at these complaints, the Hypermarket feels that this issue should be looked at seriously; as it might cause negative consequences to the Hypermarket such as loosing more customers and decreasing in sales. As such, the Hypermarket believes that in depth investigation and thorough report should be given to the Branch Manager so that this situation would be prevented.


1. Failure to Follow the Criteria Given for Every Product

Based on the customers’ complaints and discussion among the staffs, one of the possible factors that lead to the peculiar taste of the frozen lamb is failure to follow the criterias given by the Hypermarket. For every order made by the Hypermarket, there will be a list of criterias that should be followed by the supplier. These criterias are significantly important and ought to be followed because it has considered every aspect when choosing a product (Rao, 1989). For instance, when the Hypermarket requests for frozen meat particularly frozen lamb, the supplier has been given several criterias that should be obeyed to. Some of the criterias are the frozen lamb should be safe to be cooked and kept in the freezer, for example. This is to ensure that the frozen lamb are safe to be used, produce good taste while cooking, and will not lead to unhealthy diseases such as diarrhea and stomach ache.

Since the complaints are focusing on the peculiar taste, this shows that the supplier has failed to meet the requirements needed. The frozen lamb has produced peculiar taste and resulted negative consequences to the customers. Basically, the Hypermarket believes that the problem aroused is due to the suppliers’ failure to ensure that the frozen lamb has meet the requirements. Moreover, following these requirements are one of the major issues that has been focused when choosing the supplier. Thus, strict actions and improvements should be made on this area, so that this issue would not happen in future.

2. Low Quality Product

Apart from failure to follow the criterias given,...
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