Chocolate Companies

Topics: Chocolate, Cocoa solids, Brussels Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Shaden Ibrahim

➢ Introduction

The aim of this project is to implement concepts learned from MKT303 Course that is about analyzing retail marketing and why can one retailer be more successful than another. In addition, the aim of this project is to see what kind of difficulties that retailers face and assign solutions to overcome those difficulties. In this report tow retailers were chosen from the same industry, they are Godiva and Patchi. The report will start by talking about history of chocolate. Then, introduction about Patchi and then Godiva followed by a primary research. Finally, the conclusion and recommendation. Microsoft Excel was used to calculate to results of questionnaire.

➢ History of Chocolate

The earliest record of chocolate was over two thousand years ago in the Central American rain forests. [1] The ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America were the first people made chocolate. They mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink.[2] After that, the Spanish conquistadors brought the seeds back home to Spain, where new recipes were created. From that time and the popularity of the drink spread all over Europe. Since then, new technologies and innovations have changed the texture and taste of chocolate, 1 and many stores established to produce the finest chocolate; Patchi and Godiva are examples of the most successful chocolate brands in the chocolate market.

➢ About Patchi [3]

25 years ago, Nizar Choucair founded Patchi when he was 11 years old. 3 Nizar Choucair started a small family business as a prominent businessman in Lebanon in Beirut producing and selling chocolate in shops in Beirut called Patchi. Nizar Choucair was creative and this allowed Patchi grew steadily over time and become one of the leader companies in chocolate industry around the world. He converts chocolate into decorated gifts that could be offered anytime and in anyplace. Today, Patchi has...
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