Problems of Police in Bangladesh

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Police, agency of a community or government that is responsible for maintaining public order and preventing and detecting crime. It is one of the important agencies within the State territory to maintain peace and security and uphold the internal sovereignty. It is also an important branch of criminal justice with other organs such as courts, prisons, corrections etc. The basic police mission—preserving order by enforcing rules of conduct or laws—was the same in ancient societies as it is in sophisticated urban environments. Crime Detection, discovery, identification, and analysis of criminal evidence are also means of law enforcement. The responsibility of law enforcement agencies is to detect crimes, apprehend the perpetrators, and provide evidence that will convince judges and juries that the perpetrators are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. To accomplish these aims a variety of methods are used, including reconstructing the crime, collecting physical clues, and interrogating suspects and witnesses.

Problems of police: Identifying the causes and findings suggestions to resolve problems

Bangladesh has been experiencing unstable political climate since its independence. The political instability has often resulted imposition of emergency and declaration of military law undermining the legal regime of personal liberty. The impact of such political regime on the police system has been clearly reflected in maintaining the law and order situation of Bangladesh. The criminal justice system of most Asian countries still demonstrate the colonial heritage because many of these countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been under colonial administration during the past few centuries. Police institution as an important criminal justice agency remains as a major problem in Bangladesh. In this assignment I have tried to find out the problems of police from various sources in our country under following heads: In Bangladesh police institutions are not autonomous instead the State exercise strong control over police agencies. As a consequence many policies and decisions regarding police are instigated for political purpose. Evidence suggest that politicians even influence preparation of charge sheets and final reports as a result fall out rate of arrest is high. Most importantly the investigation of sensational cases have been redirected according to the will of ruling party.

It may be noted that after assuming the State power the successive government brought major changes in different tires of the police administration including the appointment of new police chiefs. for example, during the tenure or B.N.P. Government [October 2001-October 2006] a total of 65 senior of them six Additional IGP, nineteen D.I.G, and four Additional D.I.G. and 950 lower ranking police officers were sent to forced retirement while 796members of the police force were dismissed during the same period on political ground. The extent of politicization has also been reflected in appointment, promotion, posting and academic training of the police officers.

Bangladesh police follow the British police system of the colonial era with some minor modifications. During the British rule the police were a repressive institution and their main purpose was to serve the ruling class. The Police Act 1861 governs the police administration while operational aspects are guided by the Police Regulation of Bengal 1943 also the home ministry has power to issue administrative regulation on personal and police operation. Police works with the help of Penal Code 1860 and Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 which give police extensive power to oppress the public. There are 599 police stations in our country where about 123000 police are working to keep law and order situation. [Report police head quarter 2008].

In the fact of rising crime problem specially the organized crime, the government has created a specialized unit of police force...
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