Local State Federal Police

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Local, State, Federal Police

Angela Brandon


March 25, 2013
Frank Owens

Local, State, Federal Police

The United States uses police officers on three different levels to deal with citizens that violate the laws. The local, state, and federal agencies operate on different levels. Maintaining order and service functions, purpose of policing is to do investigation of suspected criminal activity and refer criminals to the American court. Police is needed to help maintain peace and order within the United States. Many critics feel that the policing is unorganized and nonfunctional. The police are able to do their job and help other agencies control the public. The local, state, and federal are able to aid each one if they need the extra help. Local

The local law enforcement agency it the first response to emergencies and other issues that relate to public safety. They are also involved with the protection of facilities and infrastructure. Local law enforcement agencies operate some correctional facilities on the local level. The police functions deal with order maintenance, law enforcement, and service. The order maintenance refers to keeping the peace or preventing people from disturbing others. This can involve someone throwing a party and the music is too loud. The neighbors complain and call the local police to handle the situation. Law enforcement is when the law has been violated and suspects must be identified and this can be murder or robbery. Service is when the public needs information on where a street is located or even acting as educators. They may go out to schools or colleges to give them vital information on drugs. The “local police have long-term relationships with the communities under their jurisdiction” (Ford, 2004). The local police are present in the communities. State

The state also has police, but they are called State police, state patrol, or highway patrol. They do investigations as well as state patrolling. This...
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