Role of Police in India

Topics: Democracy, Government, Police Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: October 20, 2010

Under standing the police:
The police continue to hit the headlines in India, generally for all the wrong reasons. India must be one of the few democratic countries where citizens do not trust the police, an important administrative organ of their elected government, and feel intimidated by them. The Indian police are seen to serve the interests of the ruling elite, despite the passage of 60 years of independence and establishment of the republic, and despite the fact that the police leadership is carefully selected and groomed and enjoys high status in the country. Unfortunately, little is known about the police organisation and the reasons for its poor image. Citizens remain ignorant of and aloof from the problems of Indian police that ultimately affect the functions of the organisation. A widespread belief pins most of the ills to the 'politicization' of the service, in which politicians are dubbed the culprits, not letting the police play its rightful role in the society. However, the problems of the Indian police run deep—the design, structure, culture and leadership are all equally responsible for the present state of affairs. This remains hidden due to a lack of understanding about the nature and functions of the police in the country. Apart from the memoirs of many police officers and the occasional academic study of specific issues related to policing, knowledge about the police remains limited in the country and to most concerned citizens. This book attempts to fill this gap by providing a lucid and thoughtful exposition of the police system of the country. It attempts to describe not only the basic structure and functions of the police but also the historical context that has made it a pawn in the exercise of power by politicians and bureaucrats. The book is written by two senior police officers who are now outside the system. This enables them to provide not only an insider's viewpoint but also a dispassionate analysis of the police...
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