Police and Society

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Police and Society
Quiz One: Police and Society
Roberg (2005) argued that the history of policing can be traced all the way back in time to where the family enforced the norms and customs of conduct. The Roman then introduced a police force of twenty-four hour patrolling, and continued on to the development by the England on the emphasis of prevention. This method of prevention was then carried over to America and has exceeded by far. Today we have our police departments that were based off of four theories known as the disorder-control theory, the crime-control theory, the class-control theory and the urban-dispersion theory. These four theories were used to represent why our police departments where developed in America. The disorder-control theory was developed in response to a need to suppress mob violence. The crime-control theory was developed in response to an increase in criminal activity. The class-control theory was developed as a result of class-based economic exploitation. Finally, the urban-dispersion theory was developed simply because other cities had police departments, not because they were needed. Yet, disregarding the development of our police departments, our police officers play a huge role in our every day society. Police are here to serve and maintain order, while protecting and safeguarding the lives and properties of us the citizens. However, policing is much more than what the average person believes. Policing is diverse and divided into separate systems like civil policing, political policing and secret policing. Civil policing differs from country to country and different styles of policing have developed within. First would be community policing which ensures public cooperation and support in investigating crime. On the other hand reactive policing (Known as fire-brigade) is based on paramilitary tactic, which is the use of dangerous and harmful weapons to have potential offenders fear law enforcement. On contrary, political...
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