Problems Encountered by Bs Accountancy Students

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Each student carriers with them, a series of life experiences that have helped them grow in different aspects of their lives. As a student who has encountered many different cultural, economic, and academic environments, I believe that in order to reach our fullest potential we must try to learn from the experiences of each student.    I believe that the most successful student is one who is motivated and persistent in their studies, has knowledge of the world around them, and manages their time efficiently.   I have been fortunate enough to have met students with such characteristics, and I have strived to acquire these traits. According to Benjamin Franklin "Energy and persistence conquer all things." And through my experiences I truly believe that with enough energy and persistence, each individual can reach any goal.   During my freshmen year I met a student who proved to me that with the right motivation and persistence, no task is impossible.   He was from a small city, and through out his life he had barely been exposed to the English language.   The first day in class he could not speak a single word of English, yet at the end of the year he was one of the top students in the class.   His persistence amazed me, and I realized that perseverance is the cure for every problem.

  The continuous learning of students through the help of books, professors and even internet is a mere fact which shows that knowledge still flourish in our humanity. Thus, different students have different views and ways of understanding such transmitted information and studies. Life as a student is said to be fun yet also stressful. Requirements, research works, reports and examinations abound student’s life especially during college verve.

      Every student knows the terror of examination. Learners have borne the pallor of midnight cramming and struggled through the anxiety before and the...
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