Seetting and Acheiving Goals

Topics: Golf, High school, Goal Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Marsden Dyson and Zack Canova
Adv. English 12
Mrs. Hornung
Some people say that with dedication, persistence, and time people can accomplish any goal. Others say that people are limited in what they can accomplish and need to be realistic when setting goals. Shooting For the Stars

Some people believe that dedication, persistence, and time people can accomplish any goal. Everyone should have goals when striving to achieve a specific task. Goal setting is used by top level athletes, successful business man, and achievers in all fields. A wise athlete once said, “Without time and effort put towards ones goal for the sport, you are nearly wasting your time and your teams time and you will never achieve ones goal for that sport.” Marsden Dyson set his goals high as a young lad to achieve a Green Jacket at the Masters. With his hard work, dedication, and time he did just that at the age of 24. This proves that you can set your goals high and still have them happen if you give it your all from the start.

When Marsden Dyson was just old enough to walk and swing a golf club he was out on the course with his father playing and watching golf. He would always watch the Masters and say he wanted a Green Jacket after the final round on Sunday after winning the Masters. Marsden would get distracted with other sports when he grew up into middle school and high school. Dyson played soccer at the top level in travel and ODP. His goal was to play division 1 soccer at Clemson and University of Virginia. That goal was almost completed until he suffered four serious concussions in less than three years. He would run miles every day to stay in shape, do ball touches, and finishing drills so he could reach that goal. His fourth concession he received finally made him realize that he set a goal when he was five years old.

Marsden in his sophomore year had a golf coach that said,”You are a golfer and are darn good at it and do not forget it.” Dyson never thought...
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