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When I am asked who or what had a significant influence on me I would tell them it's my mother. It took me a while to figure out that my mother had the most extraordinary influence on my life .My mother had influenced me in many ways and has molded me to be what I am today a hard working person . The reason of why my mother is the one who influenced me the most are because of her unique characteristic, perseverance, and her sense of responsibility.

The characteristic of my mother is none of what I have seen in other people .She has a unique character from my point of view. At times I view her as being a role model to me. The characteristic that I value in her is that the quick instinct that something should be done if there is a problem, her skills as being a house wife, and her reaction to a situation. One daywhile my mom was driving me to school she noticed that the car's tires lacked air and the car wasn't moving as usual then she quickly stopped at the nearest car station to get some air as she was filling the ties with she then noticed that one of the tiers had a leak. Luckily for her the gas station we were at repaired tiers after we exchanged the tiers we were on ourway to school. If it wasn't for my mother's quick instant we could have got stuck in the freeway. My mother influenced me though her unique characteristic to become what I am today a hard working person.

The perseverance that my mother narrated in her stories about her life that she used to tells us about teaches me never to give up on anything that would be beneficial to me and in make me a successful person in life. In the late 1900's when war broke out in Somalia my mother knew that it would be for the best to immigrate to America, but at the same time that getting in to America was risky . She knew that if she got to America she could get to America she would be successful in her life. She never gave up and arrives in America in 1993. When got here in America her dream was to succeed...
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