6 Personality Traits of a Successful College Student

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6 Personality Traits of a Successful College Student
by Ottawa Online on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 5:06pm ·
Dr. Bethune is a clinical psychologist. She teaches psychology classes online for Ottawa University.
Personality Traits of a Successful College Student
By Sonja Bethune, Psy.D.

Throughout my career working in various settings as a therapist, college professor and supervisor, I have been able to gain the knowledge and insight into what personality traits help and guide one to be successful not only through academia, but also in reaching one’s ultimate professional goals. People go to college for many different reasons: parental pressure, to obtain that “perfect” job, to gain skills they wouldn’t otherwise have, peer pressure, and some go simply to “party”. I personally went to college to eventually land that “perfect” job as a Clinical Psychologist. What is a successful college student ? Does it only mean someone who makes good grades and graduates with honors? Does it mean someone who graduates within a 4 year time frame? Not necessarily. It’s about having goals and aspirations early on and staying focused until one walks across that stage to receive their degree. Based on my experience as a college /graduate student and working with college students through teaching, I have developed a list of personality traits that are essential in becoming a successful college student:

1. Diligent – Someone doesn’t typically become diligent overnight. It’s part of one’s personality to be attentive to details. For instance, one has to be mindful of the syllabus for each class so that an assignment or exam isn’t missed. Diligence also encompasses staying focused.

2. Assertive – A successful college student must be able to assert themselves by asking questions and also by bringing up valid points in discussion. This will allow the professor to get to know the student and eventually might lead to a good letter of recommendation if the...
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