College Success Paper

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College Success Paper

What does college success me to me? To me it means a lot of things such as graduating with at least a B average without dropping out or failing any of my classes but most importantly it means that I walked away with something important. If you fail, you are still successful as long as you know that you tried your best, and did whatever it took to get there even if you didn’t fully succeed. Success is getting everything you want or need in life by working your hardest and trying your best and not doing anything meaningless. Success to me is getting everything you want or need in life by working your hardest and trying your best. When all the goals that I had set for myself have been fulfilled, then I can say that my time at college was truly a success. College success means to me more than just grades in college, it also means that I used my time wisely and took my education seriously, trying the hardest I possibly could, and being productive. Trying to get as much knowledge I can get out of it so I can apply it to day to day issues or work being done . You gain experience in a lot of different stuff. You want to know what your field contains and you want to have the full college experience. The reason I why I am attending college here at NOVA is because so I can get a good education and a transfer to 4 year college to finish my college education. While I am getting an education, I want to obtain a degree so I can be able to obtain a good paying job that I know and will enjoy doing for the rest of my life. That is my take on college success.
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