Causes of Smoking

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Rakan Alkhan
Jan 21, 2013
Writing 1093

Success In College
Every person on earth loves success, as he likes to be ahead of his friends. There are a lot of people say successful man is one who has a lot of money. If you want to make a lot of money you have to success in college to find a good job. I’m one of the men who love success and if I want to be success in college I have to follow these steps. First step is time management. The time management is to follow a specific table to organize for study. Also, the time management is manage your day, and lead your life towards success. The best way to organize your time management is making a schedule and the schedule should include the time for study, friend, exercise and sleep. Because of the person needs all these things in his day. So, if the person follows these steps, he will success in the college.

Second, studying and focusing in the class make the students success in the college. First, you must to study continuously for 20 - 40 minutes and study every day, whether you have homework or exam or not. Second, you have to choose the best place to study and the place should to be quiet. Third, you have to choose a good friend and See who they are better than you in the study and aspire to be the best of them. Also Stay away from bad students. Finally, come early to class and do not absence, because that will make you attend lessons first hand and do not miss the information and lessons well and will be following up all that is happening in the class. Also, Attention and focus well with the teacher while explaining the lessons and when there is any ambiguity in a particular lesson and ask the teacher directly and does not waver in his question. To conclusion, the time management, studying and focusing are the best three things to be success in college. Every person in the world wants to success in college because of success in college means success in your life. So, I think...
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