Problematic Students Behaviors in the Classes

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After the family, School environment is the second most important impact a child’s life to boost social, sentimental and academic development. Many children show unsuitable behaviors in the classroom which can make it hard to learn for them. Also, these problems can cause isolating student from their contemporary. There can be many effects that trigger the problems in the classes. The problems can be related to family problems, teachers’ attitude to students and students’ personal features. Family is one of the major factor causing problematic behaviors in the classroom. Parents have too many problems to deal with today and this sometimes results in showing less attention to children. Children are needed to instill good behaviors and discipline at an early age by their parents. If parents do not train them, it would result in misbehaviours in society and school. They might be isolated from their peers and show disruptive behaviors such as selfish, aggressive and dishonest. Moreover, parents sometimes make children feel themselves so comfort that they become selfish and greedy for this reason children are isolated from schoolmates. Consequently, these behaviours create problem for teachers and their schoolmates.

Another reason for problematic behaviour among children is that teachers lack effective training in dealing with children who have various behavioural and psychological inadequacies. Children, who come from broken or problematic families, in order to ventilate their frustration, often create problems in schools (Moolekary, 2009). Many teachers become irritated and show little interest to students. This affects students’ behaviours in the classroom. Furthermore, in school, hard discipline strategies is used by teachers in which students do not feel themselves independent and they become problematic. Teachers use penalty for defective students, they believe that students stop...
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