Common Problems Met by Highschool Teachers in Teaching Students

Topics: Learning styles, Education, Teacher Pages: 20 (5539 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Common Problems Met by Teachers
in Teaching High School Students

A Research Paper
Presented to
The English Department
Saint Louis University Laboratory High School

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirement in English IV

The researcher would like to thank and recognize all the persons who had helped in making this research possible and successful through their assistance, contributions, suggestions, and the like.

First, my utmost gratitude to my English teacher for her guidance and unselfish support in helping in the accomplishment of this research
To my parents, who gladly and willingly offered their assistance, guidance, resources, and support for this project
To my friends, for the moral support to help me get through obstacles I faced and thanks for their valuable insights and ideas in relevance of the study
To the school librarians of SLU-LHS, who provided related literature to serve as references and bases for this research
To the teachers of SLU-LHS who fully cooperated as the sample population for this project
To the others who have, in their own way, helped and contributed in the making of this project
And most of all, thanks to God who gave me unlimited guidance and support has helped me accomplish this research

Title Page| i|
Acknowledgement| ii|
Table of Contents| iii|
Abstract| iv|
| |
Chapter I: The Problem| |
Background of the Study| 1|
Theoretical Framework| 4|
Paradigm of the Study| 8|
Statement of the Problem| 9|
| |
Chapter II: Method and Procedure| |
Research Design| 10|
Population and Locale of the Study| 10|
Data Gathering tool| 12|
Data Gathering Procedure| 12|
Statistical Treatment| 12|
| |
Chapter III: Results and Discussion| |
Common Problems Met by High School Teachers in Teaching the Students| 15| Occurrence of the Common ProblemsEncountered by TeachersEffects of the Common Problems EncounteredIn Teaching High School Students| 1718| | |

Chapter IV: Conclusion and Recommendations| 22|
| |
Refereed Materials| 24|
| |
Appendixes| |
A. The Questionnaire| 26|
B. Tables| 29|
| |

In the teaching profession, teachers have to deal with problems and behavior of students in the classroom. Teachers may experience a lot of students who have bad behavior and attitude. In fact, these problems and misbehaviors can affect the teachers’ teaching style while educating students. This can be a problem, especially if the students are having a difficult time in their studies.

This paper explored the common problems met by teachers in teaching high school students of Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School, School Year 2011-2012. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions: (1) What are the problems encountered by teachers in teaching high school students? ; and (2) How do these problems affect the teaching of teachers of SLU-LHS?

The descriptive research was used in the study. It had involved 52 students from the total population of 60. A questionnaire on common problems met by teachers in teaching high school students was used to gather the necessary data needed. The data were statistically treated using the frequency percentage.

From the findings, it was found out that teachers encountered lazy students as a common problem.
Secondly, teachers experienced these problems “fairly often” in the classroom while teaching the high school students of SLU-LHS.
Also, the common problems encountered by teachers had effects on the teaching of teachers. These effects are the following: (1) Students are scolded by their teachers because of their misbehavior; and (2) There is less participation of students in the class.


Teaching students comes with a lot of problems that need to be dealt with by teachers. Some of the problems are inherent of teaching...
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