Common Themes of Edgar Allan Poe

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story, Poetry Pages: 14 (3166 words) Published: October 17, 2010
An Analysis of the Common Themes
Found in selected works of
Edgar Allan Poe

A Research
Presented to
The faculty of the English Department

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements in English IV


March 2010

The researcher would like to thank the following people who help and give guidance to make this project

To the Project adviser and the home room adviser of the researchers, who gave his outmost patience and time to check the drafts and format of each part of this very momentous research.

To the peers of the researchers that gave courage and support in pursuing in making this research.

To the family of each researcher, In particular to their mother, father and siblings for their moral and financial support although out the creating of the research.

To the researchers’ Subject teachers who gave some considerations in accordance to this research.

Lastly, to the all powerful and ever living God who guided and blessed the researchers with extensive will and knowledge to finish such a fulfilling project.


The researchers dedicate this work to:
Their parents who are compassionate and understanding
Their adviser who are hardworking and responsible
Their classmates who are kind and supportive



Year Level:Fourth year

Year Completed:March 2010


This Study was conducted to determine the common themes found in the selected works of Edgar Allan Poe and a great writer how did it reflect to his life from the moment when he was a child until became a writer and this could be answered through the following questions:

1. What are Edgar Allan Poe’s first well-known works (stories or poems)?

2. What ate the Common themes that showed up in Poe’s first few works?

3. What are the most significant event on Poe’s life that urged him to write?

4. Could it be that Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories are the reflections of his different experiences in the past?

5. Who can be the critic/s who did not or did not see Poe as a writer?

Specifically, this research was limited only to the commonly used themes in some selected stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Thus, it required the usage of descriptive method in explaining the study in relation to that it will be supplemented by different books, articles and encyclopedias that had been very effective into formulating such analysis.

1. The most well known works of Edgar Allan Poe in fiction are the hop-half frog, masque of the red death and the fall of the house of usher while in poetry “The Raven” and “To Helen” are the one that became famous in American literature.

2. The common themes that showed up in his popular tales are filled w/ strange, psychological and moral realities that discusses about death Eros and horror, the art of brutality was also been expressed and it is all rooted because of human pride and revenge

3. The significant events in Poe’s life that urged him to write is that when he sea a child his nurse always took him to the servants quarters to listen to ghost stories, further more, nightmares and visions that was brought by hi failures in personal life such as being such as being a foster child unit the death of Virginia can also be that one that brought him to literary career. Indeed, poverty despite of his fame is also that affects.

4. Yes, because writers are believed to express there feelings through writing as a result, Edgar Allan Poe had showed his life through his writings.

5. The critics that have agreed on his works were Charles Baudelaire together with his wife Stephanie Maderme. He also influenced other writers including James Joyce, Algernon Charles Swinburne, and three generation of French poets.

Based on the significant findings on the study the following conclusions were drawn from:

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