Problem Solving and Proposal

Topics: Problem solving Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Wednesday, March 27, 2013.
* Opening should hook reader’s attention.
* Establish credibility and make a strong impression.
* Present and summarize the problem.
* Provide the background information to understand the seriousness and scope of the problem. BODY: SOLUTIONS
* Providing a solution is the main text of the proposal.
* Address questions like:
+ What is your concept?
+ What is your specific plan?
+ How will your solution help create a plan or program or change people’s attitudes or behaviors? + Are there any cost? How will you cover them?
* If you establish a new program for a solution, mention how the program will work and the costs involved with it. * If you plan for a campaign, mention the publicity materials you plan to develop. * If it is a local project, back them up with research.

* Describe your vision: be positive, optimistic, and specific. * Describe the process.
* Plan of action should be visionary.
* You are selling the concept and not describing every single detail. CONCLUSION: BENEFITS
* Emphasize how this proposal will benefit your readers.
* Be specific as you present the benefits.
* Be specific about what you want your readers to do.
* Convince readers of the benefits of accepting your proposal. GOING PUBLIC WITH YOUR PROPOSAL
* You can find large audience for your ideas on the internet. * Multimedia materials help develop your material.
* You can include streaming video, link to sites that support your cause, sign petitions, see design plans and blue prints, and leave comments.

* When you post your ideas for the public you shifted your audience and slightly changed your goals. * Going public with your proposal means you are speaking to a varied group. * You are trying to get support for your cause-different emphasis. * Ex: 319

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