Nine Week Final Paper

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Nine Week Final Paper
Final Project Overview and Timeline
Celina Paterson
Shari Volpicelli


In this community there are a growing percentage of high school students who are dropping out. There are many reasons for this alarming trend in our community some being economical and others are based on the socioeconomic status of the population in general. Due to the depressed economy, many local companies are moving to other areas in an attempt to maintain competitive economic incentives for employees. When this happens, property taxes which support funding for high school programs has diminished in the last few years, resulting in the loss of qualified teachers and no funds to hire new positions. This has in turned left high school students feeling lost and hopeless with no hope of having a better quality of life. This is where the proposal for the organization I will be directing comes in.

The organization will focus on providing high school drop-outs with a chance to gain necessary skills needed to obtain employment and provide a vocational training program as well so as to equip these children with training that will give them a chance at potentially better paying job opportunities. The Agency will be able to provide 1000 potential students with this opportunity in the first year and 2000 potential students in year two and thereafter.

The funding available for this program amounts to 1,600,000 dollars and so in this plan I will show the budget plan that I have come up with, lay out the mission and goals of the organization, provide a plan for human resources to recruit, hire and train the administration and training staff, monitor the progress of the organizations day to day workings and provide a competitive reward system as well as benefit program for all employees. Human Resources will also be responsible for all performance appraisals, changes in job-duties if necessary, and any discipline actions or termination needed to maintain the best possible employee profile. Funding Resources

As Director of this organization I will be providing a fund-raising plan that will be utilizing Government funding from tax-based sources, lobbying at state and Federal levels and using high visibility media coverage so as to ensure the organization can receive a reasonably steady flow of funds from other Government sources as well such as grants, charitable contributions, and local fund –raising projects throughout the year. I will have to hire someone in administration who has experience in the fund-raising process as well as lobbying for Government assistance. Donations will also be an area where funding will be sought from local businesses and churches in the community, with relevant information gathered from the management information system made readily available to these funders so as to answer the typical questions that funding sources ask such as the demographic profile of the students it will serve, what resources are donated to each program and service, and what is the cost of the program per student and what does the student receive for their money, and what kind of demographic profile of the staff do we have and does it meet with all State and Federal requirements. A good information system with personnel equipped to set it up and monitor it will be one of the positions available in administration. Organizational Structure

The organizational structure is intended to define the ways in which the day-to-day workings will be carried out, focusing on Departmentalization by program, establishing the administration department and the training department in which there will be a direct supervisor in each who will in turn answer to the Director of the organization. In this type of organization I feel that higher levels of productivity and achievement of the organizational mission can be best met through the utilization of a Matrix structured organization where employees...
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