Problem & Prospect of Ec in Bangladesh

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People’s Republic of Bangladesh
United Nations Development Programme
Preparatory Assistance Document
Project Title: Strengthening Upazila Parishad (UZP) through Capacity Building Initiatives and Policy Advocacy
Implementing Partner:
(Formerly Executing agency)
Cooperating Government Partners: Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives.
National Institute of Local Government (NILG)
Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD),
Rural Development Academy (RDA)
Estimated start date: 1 July 2009
Estimated end date: 31 December, 2010
Implementation modality: UNDP Implementation
Brief Description:
The expected outcome of the Preparatory Assistance for Strengthening Upazila Parishad (UZP) through Capacity Building Initiatives and Policy Advocacy (PA-SUZP) is to lay the groundwork for a project to improve the capacity of Local Government Institutions (LGIs) to be responsive to local needs. The PA-SUZP will have the following four outputs:

(1) Capacity Development: This component would aim at developing a capacity development framework for the newly formed UZP. Training curricula will be developed covering UZP rules, procedures, functions and innovations. All UZP chairmen, vice-chairmen and members will be trained under this project. (2) Advocacy & Communication: Different communications materials will be developed and disseminated on the role and functions of UZP, so that every body becomes aware of the jurisdiction of UZP. Local, regional and national levels seminars and workshops will be arranged based on research findings. A network of LG leaders may also be promoted for a self-propelling policy advocacy.

(3) Policy Input: The project intends to help policy planners of the government with appropriate policy inputs generated through various activities such as pilot research, quick appraisal, studies, dialogues and debates. A pilot exercise will take place in some selected UZPs for providing policy input to the government. Moreover, technical assistance will be given to the concerned ministry in formulating relevant rules and regulations for effective functioning of Upazila Parishad. 2 (4) Formulation of main project: On the basis of the lessons learnt from training and field research experiences and on the basis of stakeholders discussion, the main project will be developed. An expert team will be formed in this regard comprising of national and international experts.3

Country: Bangladesh
UNDAF Outcome(s)/Indicator(s): The human rights of children, women, and vulnerable groups are progressively fulfilled within the foundations of
strengthened democratic governance.
Expected CP Outcome(s)/Indicator(s): Strengthened capacities of local governments and other stakeholders to foster participatory local development service delivery for the MDGs (BGD 40)
Expected Outcome(s)/Indicator(s): Improved capacity of Local Government Institutions (LGIs) to be responsive to local needs.
Expected Output(s)/Annual Targets:
 Effective framework for capacity development of elected UZP Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Members and the key
functionaries developed.
 Constituencies and policy makers are sensitized on the roles and functions of UZPs vis-à-vis whole decentralization process.  Proper documentation and policy input through research and evaluations and Promotion of healthy debate on

decentralization in general and local government strengthening in particular
Program details
Agreed by (UNDP): ____________________________________________________________ Budget US$ 1,110,000
Total budget (Excluding GMS): US$
Allocated resources: ____________
 Government ____________
 SDC (Including GMS) US$ 380,000
 UNDP (TRAC) US$ 730,000
 Total US$ 1110000
 GMS (From SDC) US$ 26600
 Other: In kind contributions: Office space, project
personnel (GoB Contract) by GoB
Program Period: From July 1, 2009 to 31 December, 2010
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