Principles of Marketing First Draft

Topics: Marketing, Sindh, Brand management Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Submitted to: Ms. Nida Aslam Khan
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How have you segmented your customer base? (MARKETING STRATEGY) A. Tapal has segmented their customer base primarily keeping in mind the large plethora of cultures, traditions, lifestyles and economic conditions of the country. Since the taste and requirements of people belonging to different cultures and demographics of the country are mostly entirely mutually exclusive, they have come up with completely unique strategies for each group – the most important point to be noted, they don’t let any group feel not catered to. The following questions are regarding your products. How did you choose the products currently on your range keeping in mind: (MARKETING MIX: PRODUCT & PROMOTION) Demographic populations, economical situations, cultural variety and the changing lifestyles of today? (MARKETING ENVIRONMENT : DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMIC/ CHARACTERISTICS AFFECTING CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS/ MARKETING STRATEGY: SEGMENTATION, TARGETING) A. Tapal’s customers are being segmented on the basis of lifestyle and the geographical location. For instance, Tapal Tezdum was launched keeping in mind the typical Punjabi macho heroes saving the day using their strength. This is an example of geographic segmentation on the basis of region. Another example of Tapal market segmentation of the customer base on the basis of both lifestyle and geography is that of Tapal Mezban. Mezban, on the other hand, aims to take into account the people residing in the Sindh region, which is known for its culture and traditions. Delving into the lives of the people of Sindh, Tapal was able to come to the conclusion that the Sindhis are extremely generous and hospitable. Thus, Tapal marketed Mezban in a way that showed...
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