Principles of Management

Topics: Skills management, The Culture, Strategic management Pages: 7 (2076 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Chapter 1:
1. Developing employee skills is a challenge in almost any environment. What type of skills needs to be mostly developed for EMAL trainees?

* Technical skills.

2. Once those employees progress in their careers and get promoted, what kind of skills would be needed?

* Human skills the most and less of technical and conceptual skills.

3. Go to the Emirates Aluminum Website at What can you tell about the company’s emphasis on people and their careers? How does the company emphasize the hiring of local, in addition to international, talents?

* The company takes a special care of its employees and makes a lot of effort to improve their human powers by training. The company focuses on balancing between local hiring and international hiring to rise the probability of getting talented and hard workers.

Chapter 2:
1. Mr.Hamdoun is a big advocate of efficiency. How might principles of scientific management be useful to LCB?

- two of the three scientific methods are the most useful to Mr.Hamdoun. 1. Putting the right person on the job with the correct tools and equipment. 2. Having a standardized method of doing the job.

2. How might knowledge of organizational behavior help the bank’s supervisors manage their employees? Would Mr.Hamdoun and other top managers need to understand OB? Why or why not? 1031586

* Knowledge of OB would help the supervisors in the bank because the study of the actions of people at work is very important for people are the most important asset of an organization. Yes, even top managers need to understand OB because they also contact with other people and they need to study their actions too in order to improve the level of the company.

3. Based on information from LCB’s website (, what values does this bank embrace that might be important for successful organizations in the twenty-first century?


4. Using Exhibit 2-7, describe LCB as a system.

* In LCB system the inputs are human resources and the workers at the bank, the technology and computers they use, and also the information they get about their business. The transformation process is the employees work in the bank, the management activities decisions and orders, and how the technology is operated and used. The outputs are the services they provide to their clients, the earnings of their business, the knowledge and experience they get, and finally the improvement in human resources.

5. What do you think Mr.Hamdoun means when he says, “Personal reading and focused training on new technology is also a source of inspiration for changes”? Is success dependent mainly on the people dimension? Explain.

* Mr.Hamdoun means that not only the work that can improve the company’s success, but also the other readings or information from the daily life of the workers and the hard and focused training on the new technologies can get the workers to be inspired more. Success is mainly dependent on the people dimension because without the workers in the company nothing can be achieved, and by improving the human resources you’re also helping the improvement of the company.

Chapter 3:
1. Using Exhibit 3-2 and the information from this case, describe the culture at Ritz-Carlton. Why do you think this type of culture might be important to a luxury hotel? What might be the drawbacks of such a culture?

* The culture at Ritz hotel is a culture that takes a lot of care of the treatment and the happiness of its clients. Because this culture can serve their high class clients who are seeking the special and perfect treatment.

2. What challenges do you think the company faced in changing the culture? What is The Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture?

* They faced the problem of how to keep the treatment of clients the same and changing the heavy perspective and scripted approach. They maintain this new culture by...
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