Prince and Sound Isn

Topics: Prince Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: March 14, 2013
AasEx. 16(77-78)
When Tom woke up, the farmhouse was burning, it had started burning when the shell hit. None of the other soldiers who were in the farmhouse had to be seen. They were lucky to escape. In the confusion they missed Tom who was sleeping on the kitchen floor. As his leg was broken, it took him hours to crawl across the room to the window. He Passed

He was, didn’t want, got, pulled, could.
Saw, got.
Didn’t remember
Found, had saved
Did you meet
Picked, insisted, had, have had, have came
Thought, would go
Got, saw, decided
Doesn’t sound
Isn’t, is, is, go, is, have been looking, swept
Was, waited, went out, were, sneaked, picked up, asked
am, was
is, haven’t met, am
was, said, don’t know, you are talking about
protested, took, met
grew, got, is, don’t know, stayed
Was sitting, looked up, came, got
Wish, believe
Phoned, wasn’t it?
Frowned, sat
Believe, told, have never heard, came
Don’t believe
Are you accusing
Are lying, know, said, was going, phoned, hadn’t worked out, was coming, arrived, was, came, is, know, had been staying

Ex. 17 (78-79)
1. Where did you go? – I went to the library. I had forgot my book there and went to take it. 2. Where did he go? – I think he went to the library. He goes there on Fridays. 3. Have you lived for a long time in this city? – For twenty six years. Where did you live before? – In Saint Petersburg 4. Hello. Come in, please. I have been waiting for you.

5. What are you doing? – I am doing my English homework. – You do it on morning, don’t you? Yes, I always do my English after breakfast. 6. We have been going for six hours and we are very tired.

7. Did you find the key, which you have lost yesterday? – Yes, I have. – Where did you find it? – It had been in my pocket all the time. 8. We have known each other more than a year.
9. We studied in school together and we have been friends for all life. 10. Your guests have already come. – I know....
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