Primary Research Report

Topics: Bullying, School bullying, Verbal abuse Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Primary Research Report

Candice Seah
January 30, 2013

This topic that I researched is about high school bullies chances of becoming a criminal as adults and whether bullying leads to criminal activity later on if not timely intervention. Bullies who were not told that their actions were not correct have more of a higher chance to become criminals. This topic is important because bullies have a chance to be nice if they are thought better by their parents. Society and parents should be educating bullies against this behavior. Most bullies came from broken homes. They also came from homes with only one parent or they live with their grandparents. The people who are close to them don’t really pay attention to them and they feel jealous of other people. That is another reason of why they bully others. I found this topic interesting because bullying is a huge system. There are many types: physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber. For example, a girl could be nice and sweet in front of her teachers and parents; but it could just be an image and is different to other people. Also, the most important thing of them all is that you should base a person by their attitude to someone else and not by their looks. I hypothesize that bullying is a big situation in our school. Methodology

I used a survey to ask people whether they were bullied, bullies, or not affected. I used this survey to understand the bullying situation in our school better. For my survey (see page for a copy) I asked questions about their gender, grade they are in, have they bullied others, been bullied, or are not affected, and then I made two different surveys for if they bullied others or if they had been bullied. For the people who are not affected, that was the end of the survey. For people who bullied others, I asked about have bullying others made them feel good or bad, are they still doing it today, what grade did they start bullying others, and what tactic did they...
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