Controversy of Bullying

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Avocation of Bullying
Before, in the 20th century, bullying was a regular thing in everyday life. In this time, no one paid attention to effect that bullying had on kids because no one at the time showed any serious reaction to bullying. In 1999, two seniors at Columbine High School killed a total of 13 people which brought attention to the world. With a link of aggression and bullying, this became more serious issue. Entering the new century, many of those who have had a personal connection with bullying or some one who has been bullied have been speaking out and against this issue while others stay silent against this cause. Those who advocate against bullying and those who stay silent, both participate in this way because of personal experiences and personal fears.

Organizations like Stand 4 Change go against bullying and take actions to stop it. People who engage in anti-bullying have two reasons to actively participate. In cases, many have been bully or someone close to them as been seen with the mental effects of bullying by entering a state of depression or even worse. In other cases, by standers who have seen bullying or heard of the effects, believe that it is wrong and stand up against it. People also become really involved when a family member or friend committed suicide from bullying and use these stories to talk across the country or start organizations so other people would not have to deal with what they had to go through. Doing so, these bullying organizations rally others together to take a stand for bullying for an end to rates of suicide and school shooting like Columbine. Those who are in anti-bullying organization are lead with motivation to stop bullying and the effects from it.

People who see the effects of bullying and don’t do anything about are lead by thoughts of feeling like they are not going to make a difference. Those who are bullied do not speak up for themselves against because of fear of continued to be attacked rather than...
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