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Being the Man
Looking back at my life it seems that I have changed drastically over multiple periods of time. Many people would say many different things about me and the way I was when they knew me. I always thought myself as a decent person; I would hold doors for woman, or clean up random trash that was laying around. According to my mother I was always a very humble child and would put others before me all of the time with no questions asked. But as I grew older I wandered away from that, and became very prideful. I would always say that it was just me having self confidence, but that was just my way of hiding my pride from myself and others.

When I was in high school the boys soccer team was very underappreciated. We always had a solid squad, and always did well during the regular season and the post season. We made many enemies with other teams from our school and even some from other school in my city. The soccer team at my high school was very close, we stuck together all the time, no matter what class you were in there was at least two other soccer players and your job was to gang up and run the class.

During my junior year once again we had a good soccer team, and with me being an upper classman and a captain on the team I was a person that everyone looked up too. The captains of each sports team were always cool with each other, and we stayed out of each other’s ways for the most part. The only time that we really associated with many people was at parties and things like that. At school we would act like we were better than everyone else and just stick to ourselves.

We had a very good season going on; we were number one in the conference and were ranked in the state in the top 10. We lost two games in a row against teams that we should not of lost too. With only a fourth of the season left we had to win out to get the number two seed for the playoffs. The football team (the most heated team on campus) was already talking crap...
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