On Growth/Fixed Mindsets

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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On Growth/Fixed Mindsets
Mindsets are beliefs about yourself, your characteristics, or how you use your basic ability. Based on new psychological studies about mindsets, there are two categories of mindsets, Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets. A fixed mindset is a belief that abilities and intelligence are set and cannot be changed. On the other hand, a growth mindset would be one that abilities and intelligence can grow through effort and perseverance. My mindset has been changing throughout my everyday life: when I am meeting new people, when I am at church, or even when I am caring for patients. A small voice in the back of my mind still questions whether or not I should to go back to school, or what would happen if I were to fail. I used to let that fear paralyze me when I had a fixed mindset, but two years ago I realized that I love working in healthcare and that I can develop my skillset as a Nurse Aide and a Medication Administration Person through dedication, hard work, and struggling through the fear created in my own mind. I grew up in a family that rarely, if ever, complimented me for my achievements. It impacted my self-image, and shattered my confidence to the point where I felt uncomfortable being around or speaking in front of others. I strongly believed that I am the way I am. That my ability was limited; that I was not as special as others kids. My grades in school and college were always average, B’s and C’s. I had no favorite subject, much less one that I was good at. I did have desire to try new things, I signed up to be a cheerleader in high school but I did not make the team, so I reverted back to being afraid to try anything in which I might fail. Now days, my entire outlook has changed. The people in my life have played a large role in my transformation. Their belief in me has helped me to believe in myself. I started hearing compliments, which previously had been absent in my life. New opportunities presented themselves and I was...
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