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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Since I remember there were some things which haven’t changed, since I was in kindergarten until I became a high school senior , and there are things what actually changed a lot. The changers are really good, because they show my personal improvement. In my existence I definitely experienced more changes than continuity, and some of them are moving from Poland to America, my point of view on the world, and my interests, however there are still things that stayed the same like for example the fact that I ski basically since I was in kindergarten, and I also always knew how to fight for the my dreams in my life.

A really big change in my life was definitely moving from Poland to America. I moved here when I was 16 years old, and it made a really big change for me, because I came to the different country, by myself, without anybody who I knew, and I started completely different life. I was by myself. At first it was hard for me, because I missed my family, and being taken care of. But then I realized that there is nobody who will take care of me, and I should never expect anyone to. I understood that my home is where I am. Also, my big passion since I was little was art. In kindergarten, elementary and middle school I took part in many theatre competition, later on I started participating painting and drawing contest. Last year I decided to focus on physics and become a scientist. I never liked math and physics before, but I just recently I found it interesting, so I make a decision to be good at it. Now, I’m putting a lot of effort on archiving that goal.

Another big change in my life occurred when I moved from Texas to Arizona. The change was a result of my previous experiences. My point of view was the thing that changed. Before I used to be really stressed and afraid of the obstacles on my way. Sometimes I chose the easier way to get somewhere, even though I knew it’s not the right way. That was the only source of any possible unhapppieness in my life....
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