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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Body #1
Nationalistic European societies competed with each other to expand their territories and spread their ideas. Kaiser Wilhelm, ruler of Germany, wanted to have the biggest and best empire, and would do anything to succeed, even if it meant war. His nationalistic views became a major catalyst in the breakout of WW1. He had a plan in his head to expand the empire of Germany. In Prince Wilhelm’s speech, he exhibits the character of a nationalist leader. He explained that Germany would take full responsibility to strengthen the “future of their homeland” and ensured that their future exuded greatness. Never would they be “lulled into indolent sleep” due to the hope that there will be peace. This mindset may lead to the ruthless nature that Germany used to acquire “new territory for the accommodation for their surplus population.” As a country’s population grows, more territory is needed to be acquired. Only a limited amount of land can be acquired, and as the land decreases, the amount of competition for land increases. The territories that are acquired are only gained by the “cost of its possessors.” European countries tried to get as many colonies in Africa as they could, because the land was easier to acquire due to the fact that smaller countries were economically and politically weak, making them an easier target. Taking control over a country was beneficial because smaller countries provided nations with raw materials, cheap labor and land. The importance of expanding territories is based on the fact that many benefits may come out of it. A greater area is able to hold a greater population. A surplus in individuals leads to more potential inventors. As potential inventors increase, industrialism may increase as well. These inventors can make for an overall technologically and financially advanced society. A society’s advancement may keep them in the race for superiority and allow individuals to keep pace with their neighbors so they will not be...
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