Press Kit Format - How to Make a Proper Press Kit for Events

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The materials that make up a press kit are usually assembled in a standard two-pocket folder. Choose folders that have slots for your business cards, and in a color that complements your company's printed literature. Press kit materials typically used include the following information pieces: Insert, on the right side of the folder, from front to back: • Business Card - Place a copy of the contact person's business card in the slot inside the folder, usually on the right inside flap. • Press Release - Announce your big news! A press release contains information in printed form, is written like a newspaper story and is issued to media representatives and reporters. • Article Reprints - Samples of past press coverage your company or the person in the news release has received can help sell the newsworthiness of your story. • Copies of Speeches or Presentations given in association with your company or business can also make an impression. Insert, on the left side of the folder, from front to back:

• Photographs - typically a 5"x7" black and white glossy photo of your product or a person mentioned in your press release • Company Profile and Fact Sheets - A concise summary of your company's history, initiatives and goals, including a description of your products and services. If you are introducing a new product or service, include a separate fact sheet highlighting its features and benefits. • Testimonials and Case Studies - Positive statements or success stories about your business and its products and services from satisfied customers and clients can illustrate your company's significance. • Biographies - Profiles of yourself and key employees provide details about the people behind the business. • Statistical Data - Charts, graphs and line art can help illustrate your story. Some companies include a comparison chart of their products and services compared to their closest competitors. • Brochures,...
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