External Analysis Template

Topics: Construction, Zoning, Project management Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: March 11, 2013
External Analysis Template 1

Jason Vivero Curay
Franco Jose Mapula Evangelista
Company Background

1.1.1 Company Profile
This part includes Official Name of the Company, address, Line of Business or Industry, types of customers or customer profiles, overview on the types of transactions, and other discussions which may be appropriate. Please PARAPHRASE!! (DELETE THIS GREEN AND RED TEXT BEFORE PUTTING THE ACTUAL CONTENT!!! USE COLOR BLACK FOR THE ACTUAL CONTENT. HYPERLINK TEXT SHOULD BE BLUE. MINUS 20 PERCENTAGE POINTS ON YOUR PAPER IF YOU DON’T DELETE THEM) ASEC Development and Construction Corporation, is engaged in general construction since it was organized in 1993 located on 3/F Regalia tower Corporate Center 150 P. Tuazon Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City. A corporation duly registered and envisioned to operate in the Philippines. Their company's capability has been continuously proven with the successful and quality completion of various phases of development projects. Projects initially undertaken were mostly residences & interiors. With modest gains in company resources, ASEC set their sights on industrial as well as multi-level commercial and residential structures. Despite numerous competitions, ASEC has gradually made its name for the past years of full operations. With broader resources in place, ASEC shall attempt to gain a wider field of the industry's market . The company has done this in the past; it may again prove itself in the future. 1.1.2 Company History

ASEC Development and Construction Corporation was formally organized in January 1993 to engage in the general construction of quality residential, industrial, and commercial structures. Initially with very limited capitalization, no track record nor extensive credit facilities, the company nonetheless pursued its dream of becoming a credible performer in the construction industry. Projects initially undertaken...
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