Bus/210 Week 6 Job Fair

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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PC Repair
Geri Bell
April 3, 2011
Ken Harrell

I created my brochure for the company that I created in week 4 which was PC Repair. This company is a computer repair business for local people and small businesses. In creating the brochure I had to make sure that the prospective applicant was aware of the benefits of working for this company. I also had to make sure that the prospective applicant was aware of how this company is one of the current trendsetters in the world, as far as dealing directly with the customer with a hands on attitude, which is partly because of its employees.

For structure, I made sure to mention that the work environment is an up-tempo, bubbly type of feel and environment. This is important because that shows that all employees need to work together to make a common goal. That also helps with the culture because in order for us to be profitable and pursue our business model, we need for our employees to always be active and motivated. In terms of business model, this company is a trend setter. In order for my employees to want to make the most current upgrades and software installations, we need to stay alert and updated with all of the current trends including what the customer wants and needs. We will also consult with our customers on what is best for them. Our goal is to show that we can come to the customer for their computer needs and efficiently fix their problem. Our organization constantly changes with the time, so therefore our organizational design will too. Any prospective employee needs to be aware of this and be able to adapt. Being able to adapt is our most important attribute.

As for culture, we all have common goals and values at PC Repair. Because the work environment is a fast paced one, everyone needs to work together to complete a common goal. This means that the way we interact with each other will be open. Of course all employees need to respect each other. Employees and customers will...
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