President Noynoy Aquino's Sona

Topics: Political corruption, Philippines, President of the United States Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Last July 25, 2011, President Benigno C. Aquino III delivered his 2nd State Of the Nation Address at the Session Hall of House of Representatives, Batasan Pambansa Complex. With the presence of the senate president, speaker of the house, vice president, former presidents, chief justice, justice of the supreme court, members of diplomatic corps, representatives, senators, local government officials, cabinet members, AFP and PNP, and others who are close to our president’s heart.

It’s not easy to make a change, but it’s god that we take even a single step to achieve change. The mainstream of Aquino’s SONA is about the utak wang-wang of the government officials not just in streets but also in government and our economy. He is persistent to end the culture of wang-wang, or I may say his obsession to remove the utak wang-wang in our government.

To end the “wang-wang” culture in the government, there are some of the ways or solutions that our government had achieved. The ratings of hunger has dropped from 20.5% in March to 15.1% this June, as said by the Filipino families who used to be hungry but now can eat properly every day. The upgrade of credit ratings. proper taxation. Solutions for anomalies in Region 4B. From 1.3 million metric tons of rice storage, it has gone down to 660 000 metric tons as Aquino said “Ang gusto nating mangyari: Una, hindi tayo aangkat ng hindi kailangan, para lang punan ang bulsa ng mga gusting magsariling-diskarte ng kita sa agrikultura; Ikalawa: Ayaw nating umasa sa pag-angkat, ang isasaing ni Juan dela Cruz ditto ipupunla, ditto aanihin, ditto bibilhin”. He also implemented the pabahay for the policemen and soldiers by awarding 4000 Certificate of Entitlement to Lot Allocation. Also, soon we will have the possibility in upgrading modernization of equipments for our armed forces, this goes to show how far our economy will go with good governance, and we can buy equipments at good prices without having to place envelopes in anyone’s...
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