Premarital Sex

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Issue 1: Premarital Sex

All religions of the world do not permit pre-marital, extra-marital or non-marital sex. Prohibition of pre-marital sex is necessary to encourage people to get married and stay married as well as strengthening the marriage. Sexual desire must be related to love that is deep and a person ought to have sex with only one person each time.

Meaning: Pre-marital sex:

Pre marital sex is a term which refers to voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other.

Values and moral standards
The values and moral standards, which were endorsed in the past years, are now ridiculed and ignored by many. Teaching sexual purity before and after marriage is no longer held before young people as a law of God nor even as an ideal goal to strive for. The so called sexual freedom is flaunted among teenagers and adults. Those who expect and encourage young people to remain virgins until marriage are ridiculed. Religions’ Views

Most major religions forbid premarital sex
In Christianity, …
God’s law is plain:- “Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body; but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.”

So Premarital Sex is a Sin
To many, sex before marriage is a sin against the body.
Sinning against the body means losing respect for your body, as well as the body of the one you’re involved with. Many end up in counseling or therapy to deal with problems related to “teenage” sex. In Islam, ..

Pre-marital sex is;
absolutely forbidden in Islam, no matter whether it is with a girl-friend or a prostitute. Pre-marital sex is fornication (zina) a sin punishable by the Islamic court
considered an immoral act against the rights of Allah and one's own sexual organs

What makes premarital sex morally wrong?
Many advocates of premarital sex argue its legitimacy on the grounds that it conforms to the law of nature, i.e. it is the natural thing to do.
Yet natural acts, although they end in the satisfaction of a physiological or psychological need, are not always morally right. What makes premarital sex morally wrong?
Premarital sex often causes one of the partners to be lulled into a false sense of security. Imagine two consenting adult engage in premarital sex, to express the mutual love that they have for each other, on a regular basis; and after some time one of them (for whatever reasons) falls out of love with the other, and decides to pursue other relationships.

What makes premarital sex morally wrong?
The mere act of sexual intercourse, even when it is an expression of love, cannot generate the same sense of responsibility that a lifelong commitment does, which gives attention to the preservation of trust. Here, marriage gives attention to the preservation of trust. Risk contracting sexually transmitted disease

Females are particularly vulnerable to a host of problems related to premarital sex. In fact, the threat of STDs (as well as HIV) is higher for females than for males. If a young girl becomes pregnant, she places herself and her unborn child at further risk. Why? Because a young girl’s body may not have developed to the point of being able to handle childbirth safely. Even if a teen mother escapes severe health consequences, she must still face the serious responsibilities that parenthood brings. Many girls find that fending for themselves and for a newborn infant is far more difficult than they had imagined.

A girl gives in to have security the boy provides, or maybe the popularity achieved in being “his” girl friend. Many times young people are misled by these emotions and think they are really “in love”. The sex is so powerful that it creates a strong emotional bond often when there is little in common and little bases for a lasting relationship.

Those mixed up feelings are destructive in a dating relationship and can have tragic consequences if the relationship progresses to marriage. Sex does not constitute love....
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