Exploring Healthy Sexuality from a Christian's World View

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Exploring Healthy Sexuality from a Christian’s World View

CCOU 305 Healthy Sexuality

Book Review and Critique

The Gift of Sex
Written by Clifford and Joyce Penner

God Created both man and women in his image and called it good. Adam needed a partner, a helper in which he could join hands with and enjoy life with a lifelong mate. As they became husbands and wife, called by God called them to be fruitful and multiply through child bearing. God has given the gift of sex to be enjoyed by each partner in the Marriage bed. The term sex has is meant to be an expression of Gods character his longing to be one with his creation. Exploring human sexually form Christian point of view help Christians and non-Christian’s reform the meaning of love , sex, and marriage as God intended sex to be enjoyed reflect his desire to be united with his creation.

Exploring Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective
Sexuality is a gift from God, in fact he values men’s and women’s sexuality and sexual desires. However the moral values of society has made sex form of personal gratification and fulfillment, instead of a mutual expression of emotional and physical bonding between and man and a women. One author Wrote “…in the truest sense , the fall into sin was a fall out of relationship.. out of our secure place and belonging with God into self absorbed isolation and inner emptiness (Willson, 1998 ) Both men and women are ill learned concerning human sexuality, The biblical expression of sexuality is to be views as a prized gift. The gift of sex has been lost in many marriages because of the lack to education and proper biblical teaching on the subject of sexuality. The author of Intended for pleasure wrote, “God so designed is that we cannot truly be satisfied with mere physical and physiological relief in sex, The world , which often tries to view love and sex in marriage as two separate entities, has missed the Point. In God’s perfect design, it is in marriage characterized by agape love that all emotions of love increase and multiply” (Wheat and Wheat, 2010). The world view concerning sex is wrong, and has and continues to wreak havoc on human race. If single and married men and women don’t try to learn a biblical point of view concerning sex, and in sexuality in a way that honors God, the marriage and the single man and women will still wonder in isolation and emptiness. One author wrote “ Making a relationship work doesn’t depend on recognizing differences, it’s a matter of appreciating those differences (Parrot, L &l L 1995). The bible portrays sex as reflection of our relationship with God, reflecting the deepest of commitment that we can share with another human. Children of God are created for relationship; our sexuality both for men and women is a deep expression of ta desire to be connected to another. Their is a book titled “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy (Thomas, 2002) Perhaps men and women just don’t see clearly concerning sexuality and gender differences. It would seem that the wonderful, erotic and fulfilling union a person can share with a mate is also a expression of how intensely connected Christian can be to God. One author is noted as saying “The kingdom of God – the nature and character of God , as well as the outworking of God’s plan on earth – was to be played out in and though man and women and the concept of family. There God pronounces His blessing” (Hansen, 1997). The symbolism is found on the book of Ephesians chapter 5, “Husbands love your wife just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. The sexual union between man and wife is a picture of God’s desire to become one with his children. Sex is not unclean but a God given gift from God for man and women to share a deep positive message of love, and commitment to the each other and the marriage. Exploring Healthy...
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