Psy 265 Final Personal Response on Sexual Identity

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Personal Response on Sexual Identity
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What is our purpose in life? That is a question many people ask themselves every day. As we become older people believe that wisdom is automatically granted through knowledge and experience. I was one of those people until taking this course. When first I opened and read the first chapter of the text I believed I was an experienced and a mature individual in knowing myself intellectually, mentally, and sexually. However, this has been an awakening although I do possess much about basic knowledge for my age in sexual issues there was still much I did not know (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2005).

I grew up a Christian and certain high values were set my siblings and I, so high that moral values are predictable to assume on the subject of sex. Although I possess a European background my parents are primarily German-American. My siblings and I were with the ideas of spirituality is more important than religious views. However, this does not mean that we did not have set restrictions; never feeling shame or perfect knowledge of sexuality. That is why when wrapping up the last chapter of the text I realized that my sexual decisions were a positive influence and my family as-well-as myself.

Prior to taking this course I unknowingly forgot some areas of my sexuality involving myself and my husband. When became married I took for granted our sexual relationship and forgot to nurture it along with our relationship. However, I was reminded that even being in a good relationship changes as-well-as our needs in that relationship. Developing and growing as a couple can avoid problems that can occur over years of neglect. Realizing, through reading the text information, taking care of our sexual needs instead of turning away from them brought both my husband and I closer together and improved our sexual relationship (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2005).

Multiple sexual accounts of problems that concern couples were given in the text, which helped to improve upon and apply in my own relationship. One of those examples was Situational Ethics and the philosophy of Joseph Fletcher. This is a theory that I find most agreeable when supporting sexual behavior. The idea of supporting people because we love them or have experienced love for him or her makes sense. So by completing this course it has offered me a new perspective in critical thinking and value system in relation to sexuality. Also the material covered has assisted in becoming more aware in my son’s own sexuality and how to proceed in properly supporting a healthy sexual relationship of his own (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2005).

Another important understanding is how the environmental and historical influences have shaped my life and ideas in my sexual experiences. It is my belief that both the environment and history brings important affects in molding our views as individuals on sexual orientation. The historical point of view influences how individual view sexuality, also it includes how he or she was reared by his or her parents. The historical and sexual viewpoints are different from one parent than another because of his or her own rearing. Therefore, certain sexual aspects were more acceptable for me when they were new for my parents to deal with. Case-in-point during my generation being a homosexual has become much more accepted by society than during my parent’s generation, and premarital sex was definitely prohibited. However, as a growing and mature individual I could develop my own ideas through experiences and knowledge, judging for myself what sexual preference I wanted to choose. Also there is the genetic predisposition, which contributes to the outcome and direction in which my sex is determined. So when adding the time, genetic...
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