Jewish Sexual Ethics

Topics: Judaism, Sexual intercourse, Torah Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: April 13, 2012
'Sexual ethics provide a framework for Jewish conduct so that the tradition may continue in stability and morality'

Evaluate the accuracy of this statement.

Sexual Ethics are integral to Judaism because they provided direct guidance on how to behave morally and in accordance with the Torah and God. Although, over many years Jews were suffering from persecution, they are currently showing stability which can be attributed to the framework that is outlined through the strong ethics that they uphold. Sexual ethics provide guidance on how to behave morally, righteously and in accordance to the Torah as well as preventing promiscuity, infidelity, immorality and sexual acts which hinder the constancy of Judaism. The teachings on Adultery, homosexuality, contraception and pre-marital sex provide a framework for Jewish conduct through re-iterating the principle beliefs of monogamy, procreation, fidelity and the covenant made between Moses, Abraham and God in a practical manner. Sexually ethical conduct is essential as it promotes behaviour that is respectful, consensual, faithful, morally correct and righteous. Sexually ethical conduct provides Judaism with moral framework for procreation, fidelity and the ability to maintain faith. Adultery is the most valued sexual ethical teaching in Judaism because it breaks the covenant made between Abraham and Moses and defies the principle beliefs of love and fidelity. Adultery directly defies the Jewish belief of love, commitment and the sacred institution of marriage and is immoral because it put in jeopardy the family unit which disintegrates love between partners and inturn breaks honest and trust. In addition to this, as monotheists, Jews believe in fidelity and procreation and adultery damages and destabilises the social framework for Jewish conduct thus providing behaviour that is evil and unethical. The universal condemnation of adultery by Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Liberal Jews indicates that adultery is...
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